Ashgate Allotment Society

Trading address:
Ashgate Road
S40 4BW
Social and leisure

Tucked away on the West side of Chesterfield lies the Ashgate Allotment Society gardens.

We are a little oasis hidden from view and enjoyed throughout the year by our members, their families and our many friends from the animal kingdom. Throughout the year we have many visitors ranging from hedgehogs to foxes and blue tits to badgers all sharing the natural beauty of our gardens.

We have been on this site for over 70 years and have 60 individual plots which all change their appearance throughout the seasons of the year as seeds are sown and crops are grown.

Our vision is very simply for all members to work together for the benefit of the whole Society and the wider community, to treat each other with mutual respect, recognise individual diversity, protect the Society for future generations of allotmenteers and ultimately have fun!