Alt Housing Co-operative

Trading address:
19 Devonshire Road
Princes Park
L8 3TX

Alt Co-operative is a fully mutual co-operative based in the L8 District off Lodge Lane.

All our 139 properties are within the Liverpool 8 area and are based in either Asbridge Street or Ritson Street and comprise 1 and mainly 2 bed terraced houses with only a few 3 bed houses.

We are a non-profit making Registered Provider. Every tenant must be a member of the Co-op in order to be a tenant by purchasing a noninterest yielding share of £1.00. Every member has a right to have a say in how the Co-operative is run, and have voting rights in the decision making process.

The Co-operative is controlled by its Committee of Management which is elected unpaid members who have been voted in at the Annual General Meeting of the Co-operative, by the majority of members attending.