All Hallows Community Co-op

Trading address:
All Hallows Hall
13 All Hallows Road
Bristol, City of
Social and leisure

All Hallows Community Co-operative is run by volunteers.

Our core activity is based around the rescuing of All Hallows Hall; a beautiful grade 2 listed former parish hall in the Easton area of Bristol from further decline, putting it to good use and providing an alternative community space where people can participate in social and business activities such as: independent theater, circus, live music, indoor sporting events, a monthly local craft market and independent cinema.

The project began after a group of people had been searching for years for a suitable building and after much frustration occupied All Hallows Hall under Section 6 legislation. (This is commonly known as “Squatting”.) It was apparent that 7 years of being left empty had a heavy toll and the task of repair would be vast. Undeterred, they set to work.

This pace continued for weeks, with volunteers from many different trades chipping to get the job done, passing on their knowledge along the way.
All Hallows Hall had, in just 2 months gone from a vacant, dangerous eyesore to a busy hub of activity, a Phoenix rising from its ashes.

The property owners, on seeing the sheer amount of work done to date, were impressed enough to offer us a lease on the building with a right to buy at the pre-work market value clause and a promise to support our social and environmental aims.

Our immediate concern is finishing repairs to the building and making it safe for opening to the general public. This required a lot of work but we are almost there now.

Once that's done we will stage a variety of interesting events to raise both funds and the profile of the project overall. During the day the space is used for all manner of activities from social circus projects, to teaching Aikido. The Ping Pong Parlour much much more

On regular evenings the workshop will be removed and the hall transformed into an exciting venue for the Performing Arts.