Agora Engineers

Trading address:
17 Crammond Close
W6 8QS

Agora aims to bring together Engineers all over the world guided by Cooperative Partnership and Wealth of Experience.

We aim to provide Cost Effective engineering solutions harnessing the Cloud Technology - Rapid Access to Resources, Real-Time Execution, Optimised Delivery.

This is a journey towards dawn of a New World of Engineers doing truly amazing work for our Members and our Clients

The ‘agora’ was a central public space in ancient Greek city-states. The literal meaning of the word is "gathering place" or "assembly".

Agora Engineers was formed based on the concept of community gathering place of engineers using state of the art power of the internet cloud; merging ancient concept with modern technology.

Agora engineers aim to garner the power of collective engineering community of Cooperative ownership to organically grow and develop creative ways of empowering our community of engineers that benefits Us, our Communities around us, and our valuable Clients.