AFC Liverpool Supporters Society

Trading address:
C/O Marine FC
College Road
L23 3AS
Community, Social and leisure

AFC Liverpool is an independent football club that was set up in 2008 by Liverpool fans who were priced out of top flight football. The club is owned by the fans and run by the fans. Anyone can become a member and have an equal vote on how the club develops. One member, one vote.

AFC Liverpool is a genuine, not for profit football club, so all the revenue generated stays within the club and doesn’t line the pockets of a multi-millionaire owner.

Although the club is run by fans, the Society Board has been carefully picked and voted for by the members to include many professionals in their respective fields, so there is nothing amateurish about the make up of the club.

AFC Liverpool is run as a professional organisation with big ambitions, both on and off the pitch but always puts the fans first.