20-20 Housing Co-operative

Trading address:
249a Ladypool Road
B12 8LF

20/20 is a housing co-operative with 49 homes located primarily in Balsall Heath and Moseley, around which strong communities have developed. Co-operative members are a mixture of single persons and families and it is this diverse mix that has defined the community.
The co-operative was formed in 1982 by a group of single people who wanted an alternative housing option to the predominant private rented options available in the area at that time. They developed the 20/20 over four years, with the first homes let in 1986. The co-op subsequently decided that some family homes were needed, which led to a large family development and the current community.

In 2011, the co-operative consulted with members on what should be included in a mission statement and the following was agreed:

'20/20 is a housing co-operative - we’re here to provide good quality homes for a friendly and mixed community in a safe and secure environment. We believe in fairness and equality. We welcome people from different backgrounds and with different views. We like to get things done, respond to what our members want and provide good quality housing services.'