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Community Shares Practitioners

We train, license and unite a passionate network of Community Shares Practitioners across the UK.

Becoming a Community Shares Practitioner

Community Shares Practitioners are assessed and accredited at two levels. 

  • Registered practitioners are deemed competent to provide community shares advice, guidance and mentoring to new and established community enterprises.
  • Licensed practitioners are additionally accredited to conduct Community Shares Standard Mark assessments on behalf of the CSU.

The Practitioner Training Programme 2022 will be opening for applications in the autumn. Please see the 2021 Training Guide below for more information what is covered in that course. 

If you would like to register an interest in the training, please email [email protected]

Community Shares Practitioner Training Guide 2021

Content by Community Shares

An overview of the Community Shares Practitioner Training Programme 2021. Includes details on the workshops and follow up accreditation and assessment process. 

Community shares
Find a Community Shares Practitioner
Use our Practitioners Directory to find an accredited community shares practitioner with the relevant skills and experience.
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