Jon Selman

Co-operative advisor

Plymouth Energy Community

Fundraising (social investment)
Business planning
Governance (set up)
Governance (legal options)
Engagement and consultation, including volunteering
Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Jon Selman

Jon has been involved in the community energy sector for several years. This has involved establishing and providing on‑going support to two community energy organisations.

His work includes overseeing business plans, community engagement, governance and delivery of various project programmes.

He has previous and on-going experience of dealing with energy-related issues in a planning capacity, as well as social enterprise experience, including governance, business planning, project delivery and community engagement.

Jon’s background is in urban design, planning and as a landscape architect, with over 20 years’ experience of negotiating and delivering environmental projects.

He’s actively involved in the food and farming sectors, including social enterprise, with board experience over nine years.

Jon can also advise on specific issues relating to project delivery in the renewable energy sector.