Éva Goudouneix

Co-operative advisor

Repowering London

Contact details
07 549 874 906
Community shares
Engagement and consultation, including volunteering
Community shares Standard Mark
Eva Goudouneix

Éva Goudouneix is Repowering London’s Community Development Manager.

Repowering’s goal is to ensure urban and disadvantaged communities can benefit from and participate in a clean and smart energy system as part of the transition to a low-carbon society. We create local community energy co-operatives, we provide energy advice and support to residents, and we explore innovative ways to generate and use energy more smartly.

My role is to engage with individuals and communities to get them involved in our community energy co-operatives and our innovation projects.

Some examples of community share offers I have worked on:

  • Lambeth Community Solar (£137,000)
  • North Kensington Community Energy (£103,000)

Éva is Licensed by the Community Shares Unit to award the Community Shares Standard Mark.