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Co-operative advisor

Catalyst Collective Limited

Financial management and planning
Fundraising (grant)
Fundraising (social investment)
Tax including social investment tax relief (SITR)
Business planning
Organisational development (growth)
Organisational development (start-up)
Organisational development (diversification)
Business turnaround (organisations in crisis)
Standards (health and safety, regulation)
Social impact measurement
Human resources
Marketing / communications (including digital)
Engagement and consultation, including volunteering
Governance (set up)
Governance (legal options)
Community led housing
Planning and land use
UK Wide

Catalyst is a workers’ co-op committed to supporting the development of co-operatives, collectives and community-led housing.

We have been supporting community-led organisations since 1992 and have contributed to the sector through:

Lobbying for law changes
Developing and maintaining financial tools
Creating a range of model documents
Developing new co-op models and financing mechanisms

We provide in-depth financial and legal expertise to support with:

Choosing the right legal structure
Developing a financial strategy
Creating detailed and flexible financial projections (cash-flow, profit and loss, and balance sheet forecast)
Doing the financial appraisal of a particular project
Liaising with lenders, creating investment prospectus, developing a fund-raising strategy
Developing your business plan
Advising on financial regulations
Helping you understand your project finance (and general financial literacy)
Writing contracts and model documents (rules, loans, tenancies, etc.)
Working on developing sector-wide strategies and innovative financial mechanisms