Ben Dodd

Co-operative advisor

Green Fox Community Energy Co-operatives

Business planning
Community shares
Engagement and consultation, including volunteering
Fundraising (social investment)
Governance (legal options)
Governance (set up)
East Midlands
Ben Dodd

Ben has worked in the renewable energy industry for 20 years and in 2012 co‑founded the Green Fox Community Energy Co‑operative.

Green Fox launched Leicestershire’s first community energy share offer in June 2013, winning the national Community Share Issue of the Year in 2014.

In 2006, Ben initiated and developed the award-winning Braunstone Solar Streets project in Leicester, installing community owned PV on 50 homes to tackle fuel poverty.

In 2010, Ben worked for Sharenergy to establish the Woolhope Woodheat Co‑operative, the UK’s first renewable heat co‑operative.

More recently Ben has been part of Co‑operatives UK Energy Mentoring Programme and has supported the creation of Harborough Energy Co‑operative and their forthcoming first share offer.