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Webinar: Freelancers unite! The power of co‑ops and joint working


22nd February 2023
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Content by Business support for co-ops

An opportunity for freelancers in any sector to discover how joining forces as a co-operative makes good business sense.

Co‑ops enable members to have control over and access to fairer, more decent work, as well as a share of the profits. 

By coming together, freelancers can bid for larger scale tenders, gain access to new markets and innovate through sharing creative ideas. They can pool resources, build greater brand recognition and increase efficiency. And there’s more than one way to do it: 

  • Forming as a co‑op of freelancers where they have shared ownership but retain their autonomy
  • Forming a new co‑op, such as a worker co-op, where they become co-owners of the same business

Watch this webinar to find out more about the benefits of joint working. You’ll hear from members of three co‑ops that were formed to empower freelancers: 

  • Steven Flower, a founder member of Open Data Services, a worker co‑op that was formed when freelance analysts and IT professionals joined forces to create open data standards and tools
  • John Gibson, a founder member of Felt Nowt Productions, a co‑op of stand-up comedians in the North East of England
  • Melissa McNab a director of Code‑Operative, a co‑op of freelance software developers based in the North East
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