Webinar: Is a co-op right for you?

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Catch up on this webinar to discover co-ops – their purpose and benefits. Find out if your business idea suits the co-op model…

This webinar is brought to you by the Business Support for Co-ops – a programme of support for new and existing coops delivered by Cooperatives UK in partnership with The Cooperative Bank.

About the webinar

Are you thinking about starting a co-operative? Are you looking for a different approach to your business or community enterprise? Do you want it to be equitable, inclusive and empowering for everyone involved? Then this webinar is for you.

Co-operative and community owned businesses are run by their members to meet their shared needs. Members have a say in how the co‑op is run, making it a fairer, more collaborative and democratic way of doing business.

Catch up on this one‑hour webinar to find out more about co‑ops, the benefits they offer and how to get a co‑op business off the ground.