Impact Reports

Co-operatives UK Strategy 2022-24

The Impact Report  is a snapshot of what Co-operatives UK has achieved together with its members each year.

Co-operatives UK is the network for the UK’s thousands of independent co-ops. Working alongside our members, our mission is to empower and grow the UK's co-operative economy by being the voice of co-operation and member ownership.

In recent years we have not produced a year-end impact report. Our annual reports provide a  comprehensive look at our impact and progress against KPIs and organisation-wide aims and mission. 

See our latest annual report.

Resource bundle
Cover of 2019 Impact Report
Read the 2019 Impact Report
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PDF, 5.68 MB
Cover of 2018 Impact Report
Read the 2018 Impact Report
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PDF, 5.19 MB
Cover of the 2017 Impact Report
Read the 2017 Impact Report
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PDF, 3.33 MB
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