The Co-operative Option report


29th February 2016
The Co-operative Option report cover

This short report highlights new evidence of people’s discontentment with the amount of control they have over the economy, their workplaces and their local communities.

The report finds that people see co-operatives as an answer, whether as a way to have more influence over large businesses or as a way to save local services in their community.

Based on research conducted this month by You Gov, the report highlights include:

  • 59% of people feel they have no control over the economy and 62% said the same for the businesses they use.
  • 69% of people would like their library, leisure centre or family’s care elderly care provider to be a co-operative, and 68% of people say the same for their supermarket and healthcare provider.
  • Whereas 62% of people see co-operative businesses as fair, only 11% say the same of PLCs.
  • 68% of people in work feel they have no control in their workplace, a 10% rise since last year.
  • 72% of people have, or like the idea of, clubbing together with other people to save a local service or asset, particularly historical buildings, public parks, and local shops and pubs.
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