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Employee ownership explored in third episode of More Than a Shop podcast

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8th April 2020
Last updated
21st October 2020
What is a co-op?
More Than a Shop banner episode 3

Imagine not having a boss?! Working it a different way is the third episode in our series of More Than a Shop podcasts, this time exploring the advantages of employee ownership. 

More Than a Shop presenter Elizabeth Alker chats to two people convinced that the UK economy would be transformed if more businesses were worker and employee owned.

Hear a fascinating discussion between Elizabeth and Beau Bulman from Suma – Europe’s largest equal pay employer – and James Wright, from Co‑operatives UK – the UK’s national association of co‑operative businesses or all shapes and sizes.

The episode also features Leeds Bread Co‑op – a worker owned co‑operative bakery in Leeds.

You can subscribe to the podcast via, or wherever you get your podcasts. You can read a transcript of the episode on our website or listen to it here:  

The More Than a Shop podcast is a collaboration between Co‑operatives UK, The Co‑opCo‑op NewsThe Co‑operative College and The Co‑operative Heritage Trust.

The series is presented by Elizabeth Alker and was produced by Geoff Bird on behalf of Sparklab Productions.

Please note: The More Than a Shop series was recorded before the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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