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Chance to star in a feature-length documentary on co-operatives

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19th April 2023
Last updated
11th May 2023
Opportunity to star in a feature-length documentary

Co-operatives UK is creating a documentary designed to have global impact and co-operatives across the UK are invited to take part.

Co-operatives UK has joined forces with a film production company to create a documentary designed to have global impact - and UK co-operatives will play leading roles.

The trade body has teamed up the Ivano Barberini Foundation, the collective, Cooperative College and film production company Ladoc to amplify the UK's most powerful co‑operative stories. With funding from the International Co-operative Working Group, the feature-length documentary will demonstrate how co-operatives have life-changing impact on individuals and communities.

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The feature-length documentary will showcase how cooperatives are capable of innovation; contributing to sustainability and to economic, social, and environmental justice. It aims to reach a wider audience, mostly foreign to the co-operative movement, through mass media channels like cinema and TV channels. The plan is to make it available on other platforms as well to reach the widest possible audience.
– Sara Vicari,

Co-operatives UK is now inviting its members and the wider Co-operative Movement to pitch for a starring role in the documentary. Around 10 co-operatives will be shortlisted and invited to Coop Congress on Friday 16 June to meet the film producers and for film casting. For a chance to appear in the documentary you should provide:  

  • A 200-word description of the nominated co-operative, giving a flavour of what the coop does and specifically, what motivates members to work together, how they engage in collective action, and the impact of their work on individuals and community.
  • A two-minute pitch video explaining how the organisation illustrates that co-operatives are capable of innovation and drivers of economic justice and sustainability.
  • Pictures or audio-visual materials that further help the producers to get to know the co‑operative.

Submissions must be sent to [email protected] and received by midnight on 15 May.

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We're not looking for professional, polished video submissions. A smartphone recording is absolutely fine. The strength of the story; the strength of the impact is all-important.
– Dom Mills, Communications and Marketing Manager, Co-operatives UK

The documentary will feature inspirational co-operative change-makers from the UK, Italy, and a third country soon to be selected. It will emotionally engage viewers and inspire them around the important role co-operatives play in responding effectively to the great contemporary challenges that society is facing on a planetary level.

Co-operatives selected to take part will be protagonists in building a global community of co‑operative change-makers - putting their own story and experience at the service of the international cooperative movement. Selected stories will also feature in an audiovisual product by that will showcase the essence of the UK Co-operative Movement to a worldwide audience. View a range of productions here

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