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New co-op on the block: Azora Community Farm


Start date / time
Thursday 17 February 2022, 1:00pm
End date / time
Thursday 17 February 2022, 2:00pm
More information
[email protected]
Organised by
Partner Organisation
Azora Block

This event is hosted by Co-operative Alternatives. Join them for an introduction to a new community farm.

Let’s talk co-operatives and let’s do it with people who have done it.

Co-operative Alternatives invites the founder members of Azora Community Farm, a new community benefit society based in Hillsborough. Azora operate a sustainable community farm, enable the community to grow their own food and reconnect communities through education, regenerative methods and rewilding practices to nature

You'll hear how the initiative started, what they do and why they decide to become a community co-operative.

This webinar is funded by the Belfast City Council Social Enterprises and Cooperatives Support Programme.