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Digital Leaders Week – The Roaring Twenties: Why co‑operative tech is best placed to lead industry 4.0


Start date / time
Tuesday 15 June 2021, 10:00am
End date / time
Tuesday 15 June 2021, 10:45am
More information
[email protected]
Organised by
Co-operatives UK
Event type
Digital Leaders Week

Co-operatives UK CEO, Rose Marley, speaks at this year's Digital Leaders Week. Rose will talk about 'The Roaring Twenties: Why co‑operative tech is best placed to lead industry 4.0'. Join her for a FREE webinar on 15 June, 10.00-10.45am.

The Roaring Twenties’ are coming. As we rebuild and recalibrate ways of working, new technologies are set to collaborate and merge, forging the anatomy of future business and opportunity for all.

Co‑operative values are well placed to play an essential role in creating this brave new world...

The co‑operative movement has been disrupting and challenging traditional business models for over 175 years. Join Co‑operatives UK’s CEO Rose Marley for a FREE webinar on 15 June, 10.00-10.45am, where she will share her views on a world which is just around the corner.

Now is the time for the principles of the past to become the guiding lights for the future. Co‑operation can and will present the solutions and the infrastructure to enable optimism for our future and a trustworthy and reliable road map to enable us to ensure that we do indeed ‘build back better’.

What is Digital Leaders Week

Digital Leaders Week is the UK’s biggest single gathering of people focused on digital transformation.

Are you a leader in the UK’s digital marketplace for ideas, initiatives and services? Is your organisation or place? If the answer is yes, then Digital Leaders Week 2021 is for you.

Take part, because those with the answers and those who are driving forward digital transformation in the UK are speaking, running workshops, sharing the very best practice and offering solutions that are practical and real.