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Co-op News: connecting co-operators worldwide

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29th June 2021
What is a co-op?
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First published in Manchester in 1871, Co-op News is a news service reporting on the activity of co-operatives throughout the world.

Delivering news and features online and via a monthly magazine, the Co-op News team publish stories about co-operatives of all shapes and sizes in every sector of the international co-op community.

Based in Manchester’s Holyoake House – considered the home of the UK co-operative movement – its mission is to connect, champion and challenge co-ops worldwide through fair and objective journalism and open and honest comment and debate.

In 2021, Co-op News celebrated its 150th birthday. Part of the lifeblood of the co-operative movement, if was first published in September 1871 when UK co-operative societies came together to produce their own newspaper. It was the first co-op sector periodical that was independent and not tied to one particular organisation or section of the co-operative movement.

As well as charting the events in the history of co-operation, Co-op News forms part of that history – and has continued to influence the movement. One notable example of this was the creation of the newspaper’s Women’s Corner in January 1883. This is credited with leading to the formation of the Women’s Co-operative Guild, one of the oldest women’s organisations in the UK.

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Co-op News tells the stories that otherwise wouldn't be told and fills a really important information gap for those wanting to find out more about what is happening in the big wide world of co-operation
– Rebecca Harvey Executive Editor

“We’re proud of our achievements. Despite the challenges thrown at the co-op movement and print media in general, Co-op News has been there every step of the way, for the last 150 years.

“During the recession, the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit, the team has continued to produce high-quality specialist journalism, grow the organisation and begin to diversify into design and other aspects of communication work.

“We’re passionate about informing, educating and entertaining co-operators and co-operatives – and providing important information to millions of people who care as much about co-operation as we do.”