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Tips for tackling your co-op's 'to do' list

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Linda Barlow
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Linda Barlow
19th February 2020
To do list

If your co-op is still working through its New Year ‘to do’ list, Co-operatives UK has a raft of useful governance resources that can help. Here are some top tips on how to use them so you can effectively plan ahead – and enable your co‑operative to thrive well into the next decade. 

Tackling your to do list

1. Your organisation’s governing body – often referred to as ‘the Board’ – is responsible for leading the organisation and it is important that it has people with the correct skills, knowledge and aptitude to do this effectively. Our director’s toolkit includes a comprehensive set of resources that will help induct new directors, as well as act as a refresher for existing directors.

2. An integral part of the success of any organisation is having the right people with the right skills, working together. Training and information sharing that enables those people time away from their day-to-day work can often provide a new perspective on something they’ve been grappling with. Have a browse through our training courses offering a mix of formal training, introductory webinars and networking events  – and share with any colleagues you think may benefit from them.

3. The co-operative movement is a rich and diverse group of different organisations joined together by the same desire to operate in accordance with the co-operative values and principles. However, sometimes we fail to take time to seek out other organisations in our local area that we can share and learn from. Co-op Connections events are free, informal opportunities for co-ops to meet, say hello and offer mutual support. Find out when the next event is near you.

4. Along with people, an organisation needs financial capital but sometimes knowing where to access the right capital for your business can be tricky and time consuming. See our blog post on demystifying loans for co-operatives to make on start on understanding the process. Our business support programme, the Hive, has some handy tips on the types of finance available and how to choose the right type of finance for your organisation. Whilst you’re heading over to the Hive, check out the business support on offer to help your co-op to flourish.

5. With the best will in the world, sometimes organisations do need to access external help and support. Our contact package is an affordable safety net to help your organisation through the trickiest of times. With access to the expertise of Co-operatives UK's in-house team for HR and governance queries – as well as our preferred partners for finance and legal advice – adding this advice package to your organisation’s Co-operatives UK membership is definitely one New Year’s resolution you’ll want to keep.

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