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Help us raise the profile of UK co-ops

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10th February 2021
Last updated
27th June 2021
Co-op Economy Survey 2021

The Co-op Economy survey has launched – and we’re asking the UK's co-ops to complete it so we can campaign on behalf of the sector.

In the Co-op Economy survey, co-ops from all sectors across the UK are invited to share their experiences before and during the pandemic to help shine the media spotlight on co-ops – and to understand the challenges faced so Co-operatives UK can lobby with partners on behalf of the sector, develop support programmes and tailor advice to address these needs. 

Survey responses will inform the annual Co-op Economy Report – a comprehensive view of the ‘state of the nation’ for the UK co-op sector. Each year, the findings of the report are used to raise awareness of co-ops in the media and participating co-ops can put themselves forward as case studies.

This year, the Co-op Economy Report will include a more in-depth understanding of how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the sector. This will allow us to promote co-ops by sharing evidence of how they are vital to help ‘build back better.’ It also includes questions about the diversity of the sector and what support is needed.

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We’re asking co-operatives throughout the UK to fill in the survey. It’s crucial that we gather evidence to fight for co-ops, get them in the news, promote their benefits to policy-makers and secure funding for co-operative development. We want to ensure we have a truly representative and comprehensive survey – so please spend a little time answering the questions.
– John Atherton, Head of Membership, Co-operatives UK

The Co-op Economy Survey closed on 4 April. The report will be published later in the year. 

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