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The Co-op Economy

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The Co-op Economy is the nation’s only comprehensive report on the UK’s co‑operative sector. It reveals turnover, membership and employee figures for co‑op businesses across the UK.

To produce the report, we analyse data from thousands of co-ops using a range of sources. We use this report to raise awareness of co-operatives in the media.

Just as co-ops are about more than the bottom line, this report is about more than the numbers. Through case studies, identification of emerging trends and needs, we make the case for a more co-operative United Kingdom – a nation that’s more inclusive; promotes a fairer distribution of wealth; and offers solutions to some of the UK’s most pressing issues.

The Co-op Economy Survey 2021

We’re calling on co-ops throughout the UK to fill in our online survey to help us gather data for the report. And this year, we want to produce a more in-depth understanding of how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the sector. Find out more about the survey here.

This will allow us to raise the profile of co-ops, share evidence of how they are vital to help 'build back better', as well as understand the challenges co-ops are facing so that we can lobby on behalf of the sector, develop support programmes and advice to address these needs.

The Co-op Economy Survey 2021

Share your experiences and help us raise the profile of UK co-ops

The Co-op Economy Report 2020

Last year’s report revealed:

  • 76% of co-op start-ups are still flourishing after the difficult first five years. Just 42% of new companies make it through to the end of year five.
  • Annual turnover of the UK’s co-operative sector is up to £38.2 billion - an increase of £340m on the previous year.
  • The UK’s 7,063 independent co-ops employ 241,714 people and have over 14 million members who own and have a say in how the nation's co-ops operate.

Find out more about last year's report here

The Co-op Economy Report 2020
Discover what last year’s report revealed about the state of the nation’s co-ops
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