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My friend and former colleague, Prashant Vaze, is in Hong Kong and sends me an update on fo Read More »

Applications are now open for communities in England to participate in the new partnership programme on community economic development. Read More »

While the elephants of national political life trumpet and dance, there is a wonderful new programme starting at the grass-roots level, with cross-party support. Read More »

“The Church has always acknowledged, appreciated and encouraged the co-operative experience”, said Pope Francis a few days ago to seven thousand members of the Confederation of Italian Co-operatives. Read More »

At what scale are things best organised?  Read More »

I was part of a messy Moral Maze programme on Radio 4 this evening. The focus was whether there was a duty to vote. Read More »

Bill Olivier is Professor of Educational Technology at the University of Bolton and explores what the co-operative sector could learn from the lean startup model in this blog written for Co-operatives UK.   Read More »

The first co-operatives formed around food and it is a source of new co-operation today. Later this year, Co-operatives UK will be starting a new programme of support for agricultural co-ops. Read More »

I have been over with my mum and sorting out dusty boxes, one of which turns out to have been sorted well before I was born. It contains letters from a century and more ago. Read More »


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