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It is not just Father Christmas. Read More »

I have had the luck over recent weeks to see something of the emergence of policy in a number of European countries in relation to the idea of the ‘social economy’. Read More »

Today is Armistice Day and we have a hundred co-operative entrepreneurs together here in Manchester at our Practitioner Forum. Read More »

It looked recently as if US and UK economic policy would kick the habit of recent years’ quantitative easing (QE) and rock bottom interest rates. We will now have to wait longer for that, as economic forecasts dim around the world. Read More »

At their heart co-ops are about people pooling resources to meet their own needs. Read More »

The UK has a remarkable track record of social innovation and action in the economy, but one that rarely touches on mainstream economic policy. Read More »

I’m not sure I have ever seen a maple tree in full orange and gold Autumn glow before I came here to Quebec. This week, I will be participating in the global Co-operative Business Summit hosted by Desjardins. Read More »

If anyone doubted that politics was always bigger than the political class that has come into disrepute, today is the day. Read More »

There are millions of people in our society in need of help, and we have a duty to provide it. But we must never forget that self-help is essential in the effective long term prevention of want. Read More »


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