The strategy so far...

From ensuring the support is in place for co‑operatives to thrive, to boosting collaboration amongst co‑operatives and kick starting new forms of co‑operative innovation, we will create a practical strategy for the co‑operative sector. Here's the story so far... 

Bringing together an expert panel 

Firstly Co‑operatives UK announced it was forming a Strategic Reference Panel to oversee the delivery of the National Co‑operative Development Strategy. Watch a short introduction to the strategy from the panel Chair, Dame Pauline Green. Read more about the panel's work.

Gathering ideas

A series of papers were commissioned and written to help scope and frame the strategy:


The Strategic Reference Panel have launched an independent blog,, for people to share and debate their views on a strategy for developing the co‑operative sector. We would value you taking some time to write a piece for the blog and, more widely, to comment and discuss the others posts on there.

Identifying nine proposals for the UK co‑op sector at Congress

At this year’s Congress,180 people from across the UK’s diverse co‑operative sector came together and prioritised nine proposals for growing the UK co‑operative sector. Read about the proposals.

Running the co‑operative census

We ran the first ever census of co‑operatively run member‑owned organisations in the UK. From employee owned businesses and farmer controlled organisations through to working men’s clubs and allotment societies, there are 7,000 across the UK.

We're called on organisations to take the census to help us understand how member‑owned businesses are faring – what’s working, what the challenges are, where they would like to be, what they need to get there.

The results will help inform a new national co‑operative development strategy intended to help us prioritise where to focus our energies if we want to strengthen and grow the UK’s co‑operative sector.