Worker Co-op Weekend 2020 (online)

The physical Worker Co-op Weekend event has been cancelled due to COVID-19, but in the spirit of self-organising and collaboration we are running sessions on the same dates - with an international feel! 

We have secured speakers from the US and Canada and we're inviting worker co-op members from home and abroad to join us. The event is still being developed so keep visiting the live programme for the most up-to-date information. All sessions are free to attend.

The below is a snapshot of the confirmed sessions. See the full, live programme here.

Principle 6: Turning good contacts into good contracts

Friday 15 May: 10.00-11.00 (09.00-10.00 UTC)
Host: Sion Whellens
Zoom meeting

Tell other worker co-operators who you are; what you do; why it’s good and - most importantly - what introductions we could make for you to help your co-op this week, this year, and to get your co-op to the next level.

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A radical look at change, leadership and organisational development

Friday 15 May: 11.00-12.00 (10.00-11.00 UTC) 
Host: Pete Burden
Zoom meeting:conversation

Co-ops have an unconventional way of operating - a way that is different from the mainstream in many ways (in ownership and economic models for example).

But are the ways we approach change, and lead and manage equally unconventional? Or do we simply follow main-stream assumptions - assumptions that are so prevalent in business schools, the media and society that we hardly notice them?

  • What might some alternatives look like?
  • And what would be the benefits of adopting them?

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Solidfund - Annual Meeting

Friday 15 May: 12.00-13.00 (11.00-12.00 UTC)
Host: Sion Whellens
Zoom meeting

Annual update between members of the Worker Co-op Solidarity Fund - what questions came up this year and what answers can we come up with?

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Building worker co-op training programmes

Friday 15 May: 14.00-14.40 (13.00-13.45 UTC)
Host: John Atherton. Presenters: Isabel Faubert-Mailloux, Ana Martina
Zoom meeting

This will be a best practice share from Canada and the US on their approaches to worker co-op skills training programmes. Joining us to talk about Parcours training program Isabel Faubert-Mailloux, Executive director or le Réseau COOP and from www.usworker.coop, Ana Martina. Co-operatives UK's John Atherton will chair the session and share news from the UK.

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Global co-op movement response to Covid-19

Friday 15 May: 15.00-16.00 (14.00-15.00 UTC)
John Atherton, Hazel Corcoran, Esteban Kelly, Diana Dovgan
Zoom meeting/discussion

This session will start with quick fire updates from Canadian, UK, US, and EU worker co-op movements on our responses to the Covid-19 situation and plans for re-building our co-op economies. There will be time for participants to discuss after the updates from each country. 

What will change? What can the co-op movement do? Should we be doing more globally to learn, share and collaborate online?

Joining us from canadianworker.coop will be Executive Director Hazel Corcoran and from www.usworker.coop, Executive Director  Esteban Kelly, Diana Dovgan, Secretary General of CECOP. John Atherton, from Co-operatives UK will Chair the session and share news from the UK. 

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Ownership vs Stewardship

Friday 15 May: 17.00-18.00 (16.00-17.00 UTC) 
Host: John Atherton. Presenters: John McNamara, Sion Whellens
Zoom meeting/discussion

John McNamara has been involved in the US co-op movement since 1993 and has an excellent blog well worth delving into. John will be leading a discussion on the concept of stewardship in worker co-ops building on some of his thoughts raised in this blog: Are we not owners? We are workers! Can we 'own' the commons?

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Worker Coop Pub Quiz and Bonfire

Friday 15th May: 8.00pm-10.00pm (19.00 UTC) 
Simon Ball, Ieva Padagaite, Jonny Gordon-Farleigh

Worker coop themed pub quiz, people drink stuff (protect your laptops) and a party around a virtual bonfire
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Win-lose to Win-win

Saturday 16 May: 10.00-11.00 (9.00-10.00 UTC) 
Host: Rhziome Worker Co-op
Zoom workshop

Too many decisions are taken on the basis of ‘winner takes all’. Brexit springs to mind. Rhizome is proposing a radically different alternative: win-win. We believe that this approach is both desirable and achievable.

We believe it is desirable because: more people have their needs met; it avoids the polarisation of win-lose; it creates healthier relationships; and it stimulates creativity.

We believe that it is achievable because: where the positions of different sides appear to be incompatible, there are ways to diagnose the cause and suggest a cure; there are practical examples of finding win-win solutions; and there are participatory processes that deliver those results.

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Trouble in Paradise? Working with problem behaviour and strong opinion in your meetings

Saturday 16 May: 11.30-12.30 (10.30-11.30 UTC) 
Host: Rhziome Worker Co-op
Zoom workshop

Strong opinion and other - what could be considered - problem behaviours, can lock co-ops into conflict and confusion. Attend this workshop to gain a better understanding of the causes of conflict/confusion and practical ways forward.

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See the full live programme here. 

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