Worker Co-op Weekend 2019

The Worker Co-op Weekend, hosted by Co-operatives UK is aimed at worker co-operatives to help them learn, share and be inspired by one another.

The programme is made up of practical sessions designed and run by worker co-ops and covers a range of topics. This year's venue is Rock UK Frontier Centre in Northamptomshire,

Key elements to the Worker Co-op Weekend:

  • Designed and run by worker co-ops for worker co-ops
  • Food and drink sourced from worker co-operatives
  • Vegan friendly catering
  • Camping and campfires

This is a low cost back-to-basics event, so bring your tent or book early to get dormitory rooms or limited private rooms (ticket package information below).


The programme is co-created by worker co-ops. Suggest sessions here or come prepared to run one. The following sessions already confirmed:

  • An ‘enquiry/exploration’ into selling - how to make selling an enjoyable experience that adds value and helps a worker coop increase its impact (and surplus!)
  • Skill share: Conducting peer appraisals - or 'how do you tell your co-worker their work is crap?' (hint... you don’t)
  • Skill share: This is how we do strategy - Agile Collective will share their approach to developing strategy, come prepared to share yours
  • Developing leadership in worker co-ops - where no-one is 'the boss'
  • Managing worker coop businesses - why is it so difficult? How do we do better?  
  • Are we making worker co-ops relevant and within reach of people, whether they live in Blackpool, Bradford or Brighton?
  • What next for the worker co-op code? - or how can we share best practice more effectively
  • How we talk about our purpose/vision /mission/values - aligning your values and vision
  • Solidfund: the next five years - we’ve gone from £0 to £100,000. Can we get to £1m and if we do what will we do with it?
  • Conflict in Coops - many co-ops experience  problems with difficult individuals, but few seem to have found appropriate ways to respond. We’ll be using focused exercises with some time for open discussion to see where we are, and how things might be improved
  • Making Co-operatives UK membership offer more relevant to worker co-ops
  • Making it easier to start a worker co-op - whether you used the Radical Routes guide, spoke to an adviser or did it yourself, help us design an easier journey for future worker co-ops

Ticket packages


  • Members - £55+VAT
  • Non members - £79 + VAT


  • Members - £70+VAT
  • Non members - £100 + VAT

Day ticket

  • Members - £25+VAT
  • Non members - £36 + VAT


Event details
Date and time
Friday, 10 May 2019 - 3:00pm to Sunday, 12 May 2019 - 1:00pm
Rock UK Frontier Centre
Addington Road
United Kingdom
Updated: 24/04/2019