What is a co-op? - Webinar

Cooperatives provide jobs or work opportunities to 10% of the employed population - and the top 300 co-operative generate $2.1 trillion in turnover each year! This free webinar covers the origins of the co-op movement and the co-op values and principles that bind a diverse range of member-owned businesses. The webinar is an ideal introduction to co-ops for new members and/or workers. For others it is a great opportunity refresh memories and be inspired. 

Co-ops are found in all sectors of the economy - from high street retailers to community-owned pubs and from fan-owned football clubs to farmer controlled businesses. Ahead of Co-op Fortnight (24 June to 7 July) this free webinar, led by Co-operatives UK's John Atherton, will cover the facts, figures and wider context of co-ops. Attendees will also be supplied with copies of the slides in order to run their own 'What is a Co-op?' session locally.

Catch the webinar from your office, the train or even your kitchen table during lunch. 


Please note: Links and instructions will be sent to you in a reminder email a few days before the webinar.

"We all join co-ops for different reasons. But did you realise that you are following in the wake of others, who have been growing a movement for 175 years?  With more than 3 million co-ops worldwide, co-ops impact on the lives of billions, providing decent work and solutions to global issues. Whether you are a developer in a new tech co-op in Islington or farmer marketing grain through an agri-co-op in India, we all share similar values, of equality, fairness and self-help" 

John Atherton, Co-operatives UK

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Friday, 7 June 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
United Kingdom
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Updated: 01/05/2019