The Rochdale Pioneers & Co-ops Market Place - Northampton

This is a Northampton Socialist Film Club, the Co-operative and Northampton Co-op Party event.

Help us celebrate the finale of Co-operative Fortnight with a FREE screening of The Rochdale Pioneers

The Rochdale Pioneers is the “inspirational” story of the birth of co-operation more than 175 years ago.

Film synopsis

In 1844, times were hard and the poorer people had to be careful not to spend more money than was necessary, but private shopkeepers often charged excessive prices and adulterated their goods – in other words, they mixed sand with oatmeal and plaster of Paris with flour. Sometimes, they gave false weights and measures.

The Pioneers thought that a shop actually owned by its customers was the best means of consumer protection and it would also be beneficial in that profits would go back to the customer-members in the form of a dividend instead of going into the pockets of private shopkeepers. Members of the society would be able to buy pure, wholesome food that was weighed and measured fairly and the profits or surplus would be divided fairly between them based on the amount that they spent at the shop.

The fame of the Rochdale Pioneers soon spread overseas and they received visitors from all over the world who wanted to witness how a co-operative was being successfully run. A visitors’ book was kept from the 1860s and shows the range of their influence with visitors from Germany, Spain, Russia and Japan.

The film is 45 minutes long. Before and after the screening, there will be a marketplace featuring local co-operatives.

After the film there will be a Question and Answer session and discussion with invited guest John Boyle.

More about John Boyle

John is the Party Support and Principle Six Officer for The Co-operative Party. He has worked for the Party for over 6 years. Before that he was a Member Relations Officer for the then Midlands Co-operative Society. John is actively engaged with the Co-operative Movement. He is Chair of the Board of Revolver Co operative, a Fairtrade Coffee supplier. He sits on the Trustee Board of the Co-operative College and is proud to be on the Board of Stafford Rangers Supporters Trust too. John was elected to the Co-operative Group National Members Council over three years ago, and has been re-elected again just this year. John was elected from the Council members to serve on the Senate, and also sits on his favourite committee, the Ethical and Sustainability Leadership Committee.

This event is brought to you by Northampton Socialist Film Club, the Co-operative, and Northampton Co-operative Party.

Event details
Date and time
Sunday, 7 July 2019 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Kingsley Park Working Men's Club and Institute
120 Kingsley Park Terrace
Kingsley Park
United Kingdom
Updated: 12/06/2019