Persuasive Speaking. Getting your message across – Manchester

Who is it for?

This workshop will be useful for anyone who is looking to persuade or share information with other people. Whether making a case for change at committee meeting, introducing a new procedure to your team or presenting information at a controversial members meeting, the ability for you to get your message across with precision, flair and sensitivity has never been more important.

What will I learn?

‘Getting Your Message Across’ is a public speaking workshop that focuses on the two speech types that managers, officers and elected members deliver most frequently: the persuasive speech and the information-giving talk. The course will teach you a preparation formula for both types, while imparting tips to make the speeches impactful, digestible and enjoyable. The workshop also comprises delivery technique so you can be both easy on the eye and the ear.  

 By the end of the workshop, you will know how to:

  • Understand the needs of any audience
  • Identify the pitfalls of the persuasive pitch and the information-giving talk
  • Structure both types of speeches
  • Grab the audience’s attention
  • Make the information-giving presentation enjoyable
  • Vary the narrative texture of the presentation so the audience stays stimulated
  • Remember key points when seemingly ‘speaking off the cuff’
  • Use gestures, faces and voices to complement the verbal message
  • Look confident and sound self-assured
  • Manage adrenalin
  • Prepare for awkward questions
  • Answer questions confidently
  • Address unfair questions

How will I learn?

During the workshop you’ll learn by taking part in:

  • Whole and sub-group discussion with practical activities
  • Q&A sessions
  • Self-reflection activities to think about how you’ll apply what you’ve learned to a wider context

Meet the tutor

Emma Taylor has been successfully training clients in public speaking and chairing since 2003. Prior to this, she worked as an actor. Currently, she also works as a scriptwriter and lectures in the subject. Possessing a deep-rooted knowledge of these professions allows her to share refreshing, practical tips. She has a very diverse client base: from priests, finance directors and restauranteurs to best men and politicians. Regardless of the client's profession, Emma helps trainees to embrace and develop their own style.

Event details
Date and time
Thursday, 1 February 2018 - 10:00am to 4:00pm
Co-operative College
Holyoake House
Hanover Street
M60 0AS
United Kingdom
From £45
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Updated: 16/01/2018