Open Enspiral: Working in a Participatory Organisation - London

Enspiral Labs is running workshops across Europe to give people context, tools and an experience in open participatory systems based on "our lived experience of working in a non-hierarchical network of startups".

Enspiral is a bold experiment in participation by design. The organisation uses the tools of business to create positive social impact and develop software and practices for non-hierarchical, open and participatory working cultures.

Ways of working are prioritised so people can focus their energies on what is most meaningful to them. This is a half-day workshop where we cover a set of five modules on these standard business concepts:

  • Money: How do you democratically fund a community? 
  • Decisions: How can you come to consensus with 300 people and not sit in long meetings?
  • Management: How do you hold accountability and support in an organisation without managers?
  • Leadership: How might distributed leadership actually work? 
  • Governance: How do you enact governance in a participatory network? 

The event is facilitated by Susan Basterfield and Kate Beecroft.

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Event details
Date and time
Tuesday, 4 October 2016 - 9:00am to 12:30pm
Perk Box
22 Tudor Street
United Kingdom
Updated: 08/09/2016