Is a co-operative right for you? - Birmingham

A FREE half day workshop about co‑operatives, what it takes to set one up and the support available to groups wanting to start a co‑op.

Join us in Birmingham on 5 June, 1-5PM:


What will the day be about?

An interactive exploration of the history and application of the co‑operative enterprise model; the many different types there are and their distinctive features and advantages relative to other models. It will:

  • Outline the opportunities that a co‑operative business model offers community groups and businesses
  • Help groups already looking to start a business or organisation to determine whether the co‑operative option is right for them
  • Help groups identify what further work is needed to do before you are able to register as a co‑operative

What attendees will learn?

  • The wide range of different types of co‑operative and the sectors they operate in
  • The advantages and distinctive features of the co‑operative model
  • The factors that determine the most appropriate co‑operative model for a given enterprise
  • The support available to co‑operative start‑ups and conversions


Attendees should also utilise the information and resources on The Hive for starting a co‑op.

Event details
Date and time
Wednesday, 5 June 2019 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Signing Tree Conference Centre
Deaf Cultural Centre
Ladywood Road
B16 8SZ
United Kingdom
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Updated: 21/05/2019