Essential training for co-op secretaries – Manchester

Read more about our Essential training for co-op secretaries below, taking place in Manchester on 31 August 2017, or book your place.

We are able to support a limited number of fully supported places. Anyone who would like to apply for a place should contact [email protected].

About the training

"Thank you very much for the interesting and inspiring training day.  It was good to know that I had been doing most things right for the last six years but also to learn so much more" Amanda Beard, Phone Co-op

Society secretaries are key members of the management executive team. The most effective secretaries will be trusted advisors to the board, delivering essential services to ensure the well-being of their co-op in terms of legal operation, administration and compliance with corporate governance best practice. 

This one-day training session provides all the essentials a successful co-operative secretary needs. There is a focus on the legal and governance knowledge required in addition to the softer skills needed to support and build relationships with the board of directors

How attendees will benefit

Attendees will benefit by understanding the skills and qualities required for a co-op secretary and learn about the areas that are key to the secretary carrying out their role effectively.

Who should attend

The session is aimed at those who are new to the co-op secretary role as it deals with the main legal and best practice responsibilities associated with the role as well as a refresher for secretaries established in their role that may need a refresher and an update on any key changes.

What attendees will learn

  • To understand the legal duties and responsibilities of a secretary
  • To understand the practical application of these duties
  • To understand statutory reporting and paperwork requirements
  • To gain knowledge around best practice for co-op secretaries

About the trainer

Linda Barlow is the Co-operative Governance Advisor in the Advice Team at Co‑operatives UK which advises co-operatives, and organisations in the wider Social Economy, on their corporate governance arrangements. Linda works with a wide variety of co-operative, not for profit and charitable organisations which enables her to have a broad understanding of the range of corporate governance matters affecting these organisations.

Linda project managed the 2015 update to the publication of the Handbook of Co‑operative and Community Benefit Society Law, has recently updated Co‑operatives UK’s acclaimed publication, Simply Legal which provides easily accessible information on legal structures and governance and blogs on a range of corporate law topics.