Ready to register your co-operative

Now you have a clear idea of your legal structure, this section takes you through the steps needed and options you have in order to register your co-operative.

Before registering your co-op, we recommend that you have already:

  • Completed a business plan
  • Made sure that the co-operative model is the right fit for your business
  • Worked through the building blocks of your co-operative structure including:
    • Completing the select-a-structure tool
    • Identifying the most appropriate legal form
    • Choosing a governing document, where a model one is available
  • A name for your co-op - use our guidance here
  • Named individuals authorised to sign paperwork

What next?

1. Co-operatives UK can help your register your co-operative and offers 2 registration packages:

If you are confident you are ready to start a co-operative, then you can go directly to Co-operatives UK who can register your co-op using a model governing document for a fee using one of these packages:

Plus package - £250 - this package is designed to provide a complete registration service using one of Co-operatives UK's model governing documents.

Advanced package - £500 - this is designed to provide a more bespoke service using one of Co-operatives UK's model governing documents.

Terms and Conditions apply.

2. If you need help to complete some of the above stages, there are a few routes available to you:

Updated: 12/10/2016