Governance: Operations and processes

Type: Practical guides  |  Topic: Governance  |  Format: Information sheet
Updated: 31/07/2017

These resources accompany the Governance: Operations and processes section of The Hive.

Board meeting agendas: A guide to writing good Board meeting agendas

Good Board meeting agendas help the Board of a co-op to keep discussion focused on vision and goals of the co-op rather than getting bogged down in the operational detail and as such make it easier for Board to demonstrate that it is following through on its responsibility to set the direction and strategy of the co-op. Download resource.

The Essential Co-operative Chairperson: An in-depth guide

An effective chairperson can play a pivotal role in the success of a co-operative, helping to enhance its governance, providing strategic direction and overseeing the management of the co-operative’s senior executives. Download resource.

Society Annual Return and Accounts: An in-depth guide

Unlike a limited company, a society must prepare and file its annual return and accounts with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) within seven months of the society’s financial year end. This is a key process in a society’s financial year and it is good governance practice for a society to map out the actions necessary to meet this date. Download resource.