Peer mentoring and one-to-one advice now available

We're pleased to announce the launch of new elements of The Hive programme:

Peer mentoring

Co-operatives take a different approach to business, and the launch of a new peer mentoring programme for co-operatives shows how this approach can benefit new and existing co-ops.

Through The Hive, co-operatively run organisations will be able to access advice and support from other co-operatives that have been there and done it through a new peer mentoring scheme. Our peer mentors have been through the process of setting up a co-operative or community business and will be able to give you moral support, help with ideas-generation and act as a sounding board.

With 28 peer mentors, covering sectors as diverse as digital communications, retail and housing, the scheme offers three to four days of support from a mentor for a nominal cost. Find out how you can apply for peer mentoring.

One-to-one advice

The Hive will provide up to four days of direct one-to-one business support from an experienced Hive provider, bespoke for your business needs, again at a nominal cost. The Hive has over 30 providers who can offer support on key business areas for co-ops, whether around the start-up process, converting an existing organisation to a community or employee owned business or identifying areas for strategic development for existing co-ops.

It's available for co-ops and community businesses at various stages of development. Find out how you can apply for one-to-one business advice.

Online resources

As well as our advice and training – including group advice and our co-operative skills training sessions – The Hive has a range of online information, resources and downloads for groups from new and existing co-operative and community enterprises - for FREE! You can access these via the links below – please help spread the word:

Written by Leila O'Sullivan
Updated: 10/05/2016