Introducing The Hive online community

The Hive online community is a place where new and existing co-ops can ask questions, offer advice and discuss ideas with peers.

As well as an online portal with free resources, and offering access to expert advice and skills training, The Hive now includes an online community where new and existing co-ops can ask questions, provide advice and discuss issues with peers.

Members who join the community can browse topics and questions that are already being discussed, ask new questions or answer questions from other community members. We encourage any community members to get involved and answer questions if they have knowledge or experience to share.

Community members can also start and join groups. Groups allow community members to come together around a specific theme or areas of work to share best practice, or host discussions around a variety of subjects.

If you’re looking for advice for your co-operative or community business, want a place to meet people working in a similar field to you, The Hive online community is for you.

The Hive online community has now closed.

Written by Leila O'Sullivan
Updated: 12/05/2020