How can The Hive help you?

The Hive launched one year ago, to help launch new co-ops and existing co-ops to grow with free online resources and expert business and mentor support.

To date the business support programme, run by Co-operatives UK in partnership with The Co-operative Bank, has helped over 100 groups and co-ops across the UK, with a promise of helping a further 150 in 2017 alone.

Watch our inspiring short film above about how an artisan bakery and workers co-op have 'reimagined' work, find out how The Hive can help your co-op idea or business, or read our infographic outlining some of The Hive's activity to date.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Hive – one year on

Find out more about how The Hive could help you:

Hear from other groups and co‑ops who have received support from The Hive.

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The video features Leeds Bread Co‑op. Brought to you by Co‑operatives UK in partnership with The Co‑operative Bank. Captured by Blake House Filmmakers Co‑operative, who also received support from The Hive

Written by Leila O'Sullivan
Updated: 01/03/2017