CASE STUDY: Sacred Earth, East Sussex

Sacred Earth is a community land project near the village of Horam in East Sussex. They have successfully applied to The Hive for advice on launching a community share offer.

The Sacred Earth vision is “to create a thriving community of land stewards, farmers, therapists, teachers, students, apprentices and volunteers working together on the land, supporting one another and the local community in a variety of important ways.”

As a result, Sacred Earth has run successful apprenticeship schemes for young people, 10-week programmes to encourage primary school children to discover and experience the outdoors and regular community days to bring families and organisations together to create new, communal spaces for the community.

In order to get some mentoring and advice on best practice for running a share offer campaign, business strategy and financial planning, Shared Earth successfully applied to The Hive for one-to-one advice. A successful share offer would help them develop the agricultural aspect of the organisation’s aims, including a herb garden and community supported agriculture (CSA) "herb box" scheme and small scale farming of rare breed pigs, chickens and sheep.

The Sacred Earth share offer launched in September, aiming to raise £30,000 by 20 October.

Share offer project manager, Oliver Bettany, says:

"The support we've received through The Hive has meant that, at a critical point in the planning process for our share offer, we've had access to expert advice which has been instrumental in shaping the offer. Our adviser Helen has been an invaluable resource, a steady guiding hand at times when we've been wobbling because of the various challenges we've faced as a community organisation leaping to reach the next rung of our developmental ladder."  

Sacred Earth founder, Philip Greenwood, adds:

"The Hive is helping us to achieve our aim to create a place where people can connect to the essentials that provide life, through food and farming, that provide joy and abundance through deep nature connection, play and creative expression, so that our communities can begin the return journey towards a “culture of connection" rather than the disconnected one we all live in today."

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Written by Leila O'Sullivan
Updated: 02/11/2016