With 25 teams, spanning under-7s to over-50s, Merseyside's Litherland REMYCA FC truly is a community club. They successfully applied to The Hive for support in establishing itself as a co‑operative.

Litherland REMYCA FC recognises the social good football can bring to people, from health and well-being and social cohesion, to education and employment.

So, in addition to the 300 players and their families who make up Litherland REMYCA FC, they want to extend this to the community by offering a stake in what would be their club, beyond their current core membership, to make the club stronger and more sustainable looking ahead to the future.

They have successfully applied to The Hive for one-to-one advice to help the club with plans to establish as a co‑operative so that it can be totally inclusive, democratic and sustainable whilst extending its’ reach within the local community.

Don Rimmer, Chairman of Litherland REMYCA FC, says:

"The support provided by The Hive will provide the professional expertise and guidance to manage the transition of our club to become a community owned grass roots football club."

"It will also enable us to put in place the legal framework to constitute as a Community Benefit Society which is a basic requirement of community ownership.We have a clear vision to extend our role , broaden our activities and add social value to what we do.The concept of wider open membership provides a democratic model of individual equal shares , greater transparency and a stake in how the club is organised and how it develops."

"Greater engagement with the Community also has the potential to increase membership and grow the supporter base beyond Football .We aim to be a vibrant and visible football Club-,adopting a co‑operative model offers strength and the prospect of financial sustainability giving real security for the long term future of the club."

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Written by Leila O'Sullivan
Updated: 26/09/2016