Who are the members?

This section will help you look at and think about who the members will be for your co-operative.

It's critical both for the business model and structure of a co-operative that it gets the question of “who are the members” right.

One way to do this is to do a stakeholder analysis and even better to do it with a group of people who want your idea to succeed and may even become members of the co-operative you create.

We will undertake a stakeholder analysis exercise as part of the workshop, but here is an overview.

List all the different stakeholder groups of the proposed co-operative, for example:

  • You (and possibly others as founders)
  • The customers of the co-operative
  • The people who work in the co-operative
  • The local community
  • Any community of interest, for example all the growers in a region
  • Any user of the services of the enterprise
  • Suppliers to the enterprise
  • Funders etc

Then identify the nature of the relationship of these stakeholders with the organisation, for example.

  • A trading relationship as customer or supplier
  • Ownership and control of the enterprise
  • Finance the enterprise through loans or shares
  • Passive supporters
  • Just need/want to be kept informed of activity/events/offers
  • Any combination of the above

You can then place your stakeholders on a chart plotting interest and control like the image below:

The stakeholders in the top right box are likely to be the members of the co-operative.

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The above infographic has been reproduced with permission from, and originally created by, Mark Simmonds for Transition Enterprise Handbook on behalf of the Transition Network.

Updated: 15/02/2017