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This section aims to give existing businesses guidance to improve their membership. It includes:

  • Membership and strategy
  • Understanding your current position
  • Member recruitment
  • Member participation
  • Membership registration system 

Members are the lifeblood of a co-operative or community business, and are critical to its success. It is important to keep members engaged as your co-operative grows and develops.

Co-ops strive to involve members in the decision-making processes. This enables members to have a real say in how the business is run and encourages a sense of true ownership. Whether it is a worker co-op with only a handful of members, or a consumer co-op with a membership of millions, it is essential to encourage members to be active.

In the early days, with the excitement a new co-operative brings, securing member interest and participation can be easy; the key to success is maintaining engagement in the long-term.

HR training

Co-operatives UK offers a number of one-day training courses for co-operatives – find out more.

Updated: 26/03/2019