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The Directors Toolkit is a comprehensive series of resources for inducting directors onto a co‑operative board. 

These resources accompany the guidance on how to develop an effective co‑operative board. See also the governance section of The Hive for all the resources and guidance produced to date.

Resource summary

Visit the Directors Toolkit resource page to download resources:

  • The role of the board: Briefing document outlining the duties and responsibilities of a co‑operative board.
  • Co‑operative Company Director: Duties and responsibilities: An essential guide on the duties and responsibilities of a co-operative Company Director.
  • Co‑operative Society Director: Duties and responsibilities: An essential guide on the duties and responsibilities of a Society Director.
  • Due diligence for co‑operative directors: Guidance questions for a due diligence process for a new co‑operative director
  • Code of conduct for co‑operative directors – read-only version  and editable versions: The standards of personal behaviour and conduct required of directors of co‑operatives.
  • Template letter of appointment for co‑operative directors – read-only version  and editable versions: A template letter setting out what is expected of new co‑operative board directors.
  • Model checklist for inducting new co‑operative directors: A guideline checklist for inducting new directors onto a co‑operative board.
  • Example role profile co‑operative board directors: An example role profile for a director of a co‑operative board.
  • Matters reserved for the Board: Matters required, or that in the interests of a co‑op, can be decided only by the Board as a whole.

Governance training

We have a number of one-day training courses, including for co-op chairs, directors and secretaries. There is also the option for in-house training – find out more.

These resources have been collated as part of work being undertaken by the Co‑operative Governance Expert Reference Panel, who produce expert guides and resources – freely availble for the co‑operative sector – to guide the practise of good governance for co‑operatives.

While every effort has been made to compile the information in this factsheet from the most authoritative and up‐to‐date sources, Co‑operatives UK can accept no liability for any loss made as a result of any error or omission. If you are in any doubt as to the currency of this fact sheet, please contact [email protected]

Updated: 26/03/2019