This section aims to give co‑operatives a range of expert guidance and resources to improve the finance aspect of your co‑op. From guidance on reporting standards to downloads to help you with corporation tax, mutual trading and audit requirements.

Just like any other business, co-operatively run organisations need finance for a range of activities and materials. This is particularly so at the start-up stage, and also as the business looks to grow and change.

Finance resources for co-ops

→ Narrative reporting – a framework and guidance for co‑operatives

A narrative reporting framework has been developed to help co-operatives report to their members. It offers guidance on one of the most important aspects of running a successful co‑operative organisation – large or small. The framework is flexible, built around three core pillars that a co-op ought to report on:

  • Member value: how it is delivering value to its members
  • Member voice: how its members have directed the co-op
  • Co‑operative values: how it is living up to the co-operative values

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Updated: 26/03/2019