Financing your business

By the end of this section you will understand the various finance and investment options open to you if you are:

  • Setting up a business from scratch
  • Expanding an existing business

Just like any other business, co-operatively run organisations need finance for a range of activities and materials. This is particularly so at the start-up stage, and also as the business looks to grow and change.

If you are setting up a business for the first time and don’t already have experience of dealing with business finance, it can feel like a particularly daunting task.

We’ve tried to break this down for you, so taking the time to read through your options now will help you to think ahead and prepare for putting together a business plan.

The next section is designed to help at the very early stages of setting up (or expanding) by introducing the basic concepts you will come across in the process of securing finance.

You may skip this stage and go straight to the sources of finance section

Updated: 21/03/2016