Co-operative business planning

So, you want to start a co-op or community business – you’re in the right place! The Hive aims to take you through the whole process – step-by-step – providing you with information, materials to work through, downloads and templates to help you kick off

This section includes:

  • A feasibility study: we will help you test your exciting business idea, and think through the detail to help you bring it to life.
  • The Co-op test: once you have a solid business idea, you need to choose what kind of business you want to be. We’ll help you work out if a co-op is right for you.
  • Business planning: using the work you’ve already done, we’ll help you write a strong and convincing business plan to secure support from potential investors, members and customers. 

This is the bit that people often don’t invest enough time or energy into. But it will have a huge impact on whether your business goes on to be well structured, has a strong target market, and is financially viable. We cannot stress enough how important it is to get these three areas right.