Co-operative conversions and buyouts

In this section we examine the different ways in which a non-co-operative business could become co-operative. At present, we focus on employee buyouts and community buyouts.

COVID-19: The Hive support programme is still open for applications for groups looking to set up a new co-op or you are an existing co-op looking for support. However, if you're a co‑op and concerned about the impact of COVID‑19 on your business, Co‑operatives UK is also collating a range of guidance at or contact Co‑operatives UK if you have any questions.

This section looks at:

  • Employee Buyouts are the process by which ownership of a business is transferred to its employees.  
  • Community buyouts happen where key amenities, assets and services are taken into the ownership of the local community, or a community of interest.
  • We will also be introducing a section on charity conversions - where charitable organisations convert into democratically-owned organisations - in the future.