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Before completing the application form to receive support you should read the advice and support guidance

What type of support would you like?
Successful applicants will be asked to pay a fee of £100, or £75 for Co-operatives UK members (including VAT).


About you

About your organisation/business idea  

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Tell us about what support you require and why? What are the specific issues or challenges you are currently facing? Are you looking to test out your business idea or develop your business plan? Are you an existing trading business looking to grow? Are you an existing trading business facing succession issues, due to retirement for example? What would you like to happen next? (maximum 300 words)
What are your aims, vision and mission statement? What is the purpose of your organisation? What is your service, product? If this is a new business idea, what work have you undertaken to test your business idea e.g. feasibility study, market research, initial member engagement? What have you achieved so far and what do you expect to do next? (maximum 300 words)
Visit the website here
If you are not yet incorporated or at the early start stage of setting up your business, tell us more about your group and how you are organised. Is there a core steering group? How many people, what are their roles and relevant experience? Is there a common vision and aim? Is there experience of working together? (maximum 200 words)
How old is your organisation?
If not yet started put '0'
If not yet started put '0'
Tick the option which best describes the current stage of your group/organisation
Tell us about where you intend to trade, your reach in terms of customers


Tell us about your intended/existing audience. Who does your business benefit e.g. local community? What are your social or environmental aims? (Maximum 150 words)
How many employees, volunteers or members do you currently have? Please only insert numbers, no text, if there are none enter '0'
If you don’t have a formal membership, you can use the number of people subscribed to your community mailing list.
We will do our best to allocate your preferred support provider, however this may not always be possible.
We will do our best to allocate your support provider, however this may not always be possible.
We will do our best to allocate your preferred mentoring organisation, however this may not always be possible.
We will do our best to allocate your preferred mentoring organisation, however this may not always be possible.


This may include activities on your website, social media (twitter, facebook), public meetings, door to door leafleting, news & PR etc. (maximum 100 words)

When you have undertaken the Community Shares diagnostic tool you should be able to download a PDF report of the results

If you already have a business plan or feasibility study, please submit with your application (this will help with assessing your application and support needs). You can create your own plans by using our online tools and templates Please limit files to 8MB or less.

Any information you enter on this website will not be given to anyone else, unless we can't withhold it without breaking the law. The only information we have about you is the information you give us.
If we're going to use your contact details for marketing, we'll give you the chance to "opt out".
We might have to tell other people who you are if you ask us to get them to do something for you. If we do, you can tell them not to send you any marketing.
If you want to know what information we hold on you, contact our data protection officer: there may be a £10 admin charge for this.
We keep our data about you secure, but if anything goes wrong we'll let you know.
If we make any changes to this, we'll let you know.

By submitting this form you agree that if your application is successful to receive support you will be asked to pay a fee of £100, or £75 for Co-operatives UK members (including VAT).

The Hive is open to applications all year round with applications reviewed at monthly panel assessment meetings. We aim to notify applicants of the outcome within two weeks of a monthly panel meeting, which means that the maximum amount of time you will have to wait for a decision following submission is eight weeks.

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Updated: 27/06/2017