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Duties of the governing body

Co-operatives, regardless of legal form, will have a governing body comprised of those individuals appointed to manage the affairs of the co-operative. Often referred to as the board, directors, or...


Simply Buyout

A guide to employee buyouts and becoming an employee owned business.


Simply Finance

A comprehensive guide to the different options for financing a community enterprise.


Simply Governance

A comprehensive guide to understanding the systems and processes concerned with the running of a sustainable community enterprise.


Simply Legal

Simply Legal is a guide with all you need to know about legal forms and organisational types for co‑operatives and community owned enterprises. Contents Introduction Why legal structures are...


Simply Performance

A guide to creating member value by aligning co-operative strategy, performance measurement and reporting


Simply Start-Up

As well this Simply Start-Up guide for Co-operative or Community Enterprises, visit The Hive - a new business support programme from Co-operatives UK and The Co-operative Bank, for people wanting to...