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Fair Tax Mark

With tax avoidance an issue of major public concern and media attention, the newly established Fair Tax Mark is an opportunity for co-operatives to show that they pay their tax fairly and...

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Fair Tax Mark reaches Unlimited Potential

Unlimited Potential has become the latest Co-operatives UK member to gain the Fair Tax Mark - demonstrating that it is proud to pay its fair share of tax and achieve the highest standards of...

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More co-operatives sign-up as the fair tax movement grows

Radstock Co-operative Society and, ourselves, Co-operatives UK are the latest businesses to be awarded the Fair Tax Mark, an independent accreditation demonstrating a responsible attitude to tax...

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Speaker profile: Richard Murphy on tax, ethics and economics

With tax avoidance again on the news agenda, the leading tax expert Richard Murphy looks at tax, ethics and the challenges co-operatives are likely to face in the coming years.


Taxation policy

A summary of Co-operatives UK's taxation policy, bringing it line with the requirements for the Fair Tax Mark.